Wrestling “Wrestling Jerusalem”

Saw this.


Absolutely brilliant. I can’t recommend it highly enough. There’s also a movie of it in the works, so you’ll get a chance later. He’s taking it on tour too. Very proud of my fellow Berkeley nutter, Aaron Davidman.

Aaron does all these characters, channeling people he met in the middle east and on both coasts of the US and elsewhere in his travels. They argue with each other, in between powerful monologues, wrestling strongly held ideas. But it’s all performed by one actor, who is on stage for ninety minutes, changing roles seamlessly, and sometimes very quickly. He even cops their accents, he assumes their impassioned voices. And the way it’s written, they are talking to him. He performs them, saying, “Aaron, you must understand that.. etc.. “ They tell him their arguments, share their stories with him. Only, it’s him acting, and then giving his own reactions, as himself.

He must have put in so many hours to rehearse that! It’s musical. He sings and dances in character too, as these folks he met in Hebron and Jerusalem and elsewhere did. A tour de force. And it carries a profound message of peace, love and compassion.

Will be interesting (or horrible) to see what zealots on any “side” of these issues might complain about, once they get word of it. But a person would have to be pretty thick not to be moved by this. I hope it’s seen far and wide. I think it will do some good. Actually, it already has.

Here’s a preview:

WRESTLING JERUSALEM – Stage Trailer from Aaron Davidman on Vimeo.

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