The NRA Is In The Murder Business

I want to share briefly a couple of statements about the NRA and gun violence in the United States.

First this from young Emma González of Parkland, Florida.

Amen to every word she said. I hope that gets shared and viewed far and wide.

(UPDATE Feb 19 – there’s a video with better audio quality here)

Second, here is an article by a man who left the NRA when he saw that its purpose had changed.

I was an NRA poster child — I left them so I wouldn’t be accomplice to murder

The NRA is now and has been for some time, in the murder business. They are in the mass-murder business. They are in the business of mass-murdering Americans on a regular basis. They are in the business of mass-murdering and maiming innocent boys and girls and men and women and teachers and coaches who try to shield kids with their bodies. The NRA is in the business of making sure military assault ammunition that is designed to kill humans and is made for no other purpose, can be purchased at Walmart by a 19 year old who explained openly and repeatedly that he intended to commit mass-murder. The NRA is in the business of profiting from preventable mass-murder and if there is a Hell they are going to it. Along with the politicians who accept their bloody contributions by the hundreds of millions of dollars, year in and year out.

Sons and daughters and moms and dads grieve the loss of their irreplaceable and beautiful unique human companions today. And the NRA is to blame, and the congresspersons they own. They are to blame. As much as the 19 year old who did the shooting. It is their crime. They did it together.

What moral ground is there for the NRA to even exist anymore? How are they not considered a criminal organization? They make certain any damaged fool can get a gun of any kind, far more easily than they could obtain a drivers license. They hold their right to “bear arms” more precious than the right of innocent people to live. There is no more wrong claim in the history of morality. The NRA is in the business of mass-murdering innocent, beautiful, brilliant, unique, irreplaceable human beings. That’s the business they’re in, for the money. is one organization working to extract them from public office.

Update Feb. 19: I disabled comments on this post because I don’t wish to moderate a discussion on this here. There are plenty of other venues for that, and of course I respect that there are many opinions about this subject. We do enjoy freedom of speech and I made my point clear enough, I think. I think the NRA’s role in our society has become, over the years, something sinister and malevolent. They have bazillions of dollars to amplify their voice. To forward their sick agenda. I saw Emma Gonzalez’ speech and thought, I am saying nothing, I am numb to this, this has become normal to me, what the hell has happened to me? So I chose to amplify Emma’s voice in what little way I can, and stand with the youth who deserve to live safely and not in fear, in their very schools, for God’s sake. And if I lay it on a little thicker in this post than is normal for me, I’m OK with that. Call it a polemic, or whatever. I didn’t shoot anybody.

Author: Eric Din

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