STIFF RICHARDS Infamous “Email EP”!

This record from STIFF RICHARDS features 5 original songs with lead vocals from The Rev. Paul Jackson, and some phenomenal drumming from Tuan Titlestad. On the opening track, “Not From Here” (later covered by The UPTONES), you hear the collision of Bennie Wood’s commanding ska bass style and Tuan’s all-out rock drum approach. That sets the tone for the whole EP and it does not let up. “Halibut” is a personal favorite of mine, especially as it finds Paul channeling Sasquatch, explaining, “Don’t call me Bigfoot.” The set closes with “Bonnie and Clyde” (also later covered by The UPTONES) which was composed in the studio. These songs called for me to go hog-wild on guitar, and I love how it all come out.

Available at iTunes.

L-R Eric Din, Tuan Titlestad, Paul Jackson, and Bennie Wood. Photo by Victor Hall


Don’t Call Me Bigfoot! Hard Cold Chillin’ With Sasquatch

Now that DNA evidence might prove the existence of “Bigfoot” I would like to point out that we have known this all along, have spoken with Sasquatch, and apart from sharing some fish recipes, I assure you he just wants to be left alone. The Rev. Paul Jackson cooked up some Halibut with the Yeti himself, before writing the lyrics to this song. I played guitar and we recorded it with Stiff Richards for our “Email EP” in 1996. The EP is available at E-Mail - EP - Stiff Richards.  Sasquatch’s last words to us as he slipped into the forest were, “don’t call me Bigfoot.” Here is a documentary account of events, as they really happened.

It’s Always 4:20 At Seven Pools

Seven Pools was a creekside hideout, one of those spots where kids with long hair and Led Zep or Bob Marley shirts would migrate to on the 20th of April at around 20 minutes after 4. I expect they are there today! Many 4/20’s ago, Stiff Richards recorded this original instrumental number in tribute to that special time and place.

Me on guitar, Bennie Wood on bass, The Rev. Paul Jackson on various keyboards and percussion (plus he wrote and arranged the tune), and Tuan Titlestad on drums. Enjoy responsibly.