Aidin Vaziri profiles Matt Jaffe in SF Chronicle

Here’s a nice little write-up from Aidin Vaziri about Matt Jaffe & The Distractions in the SF Chronicle. It’s a local paper so I picked up a paper copy for my wall of course! I love Matt’s songs, and it was really great fun playing guitar with the his band the Distractions, on their latest recordings. See these guys on tour if you get the chance, they’re phenomenal!


The Fashion Slaves at de Young Museum after-party

One of my favorite gigs with The Fashion Slaves was at de Young Museum, as part of the finale for their Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in 2012. Aidin Vaziri interviewed our lead singer Emily Jayne and wrote a preview for the event, which ran in the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate:

The Fashion Slaves at de Young Museum after-party

Thanks Aidin, and thanks de Young for including us in this unique and fabulous occasion!

Here are some pics from the show:

Public Domain 4U and You and You!

Thanks Aidin Vaziri for spreading the word about Public Domain 4U. Check out today’s post – a free mp3 of Charley Patton’s “Poor Me” recorded in 1934. One mic, one man, his guitar and voice. Oh and a tape recorder! A vast contrast to today’s overwrought and sanitized faux-recordings. Posting at continues to be a labor of love. There’s a lot of great music in the public domain now, and our humble site’s mission is to help you find and enjoy some of the best of it.