THE STONE ROSES And The Endless 80’s Cavern Of Reverb

The Stone Roses‘ great debut album just turned 25 years old, and there are some interesting articles and radio shows about it. I was struck when I listened to it again for the first time in many years that 1) I still love it and 2) my gawd but they put a lot of reverb on that puppy. It was a thing in the 80’s, to generally heap gobs of echo and ‘verb on records. Didn’t work on some records. Works great on this one. Here’s the whole beautiful, shimmering, dark, light, shiny, mood-altering thing. The 2nd song, “She Bangs The Drums” is such delicious ear candy, I used to put it on repeat and just swim in it for a while. You can find this at a record store or iTunes, Amazon or wherever, and then you wont have to listen to the commercial spots in this youtube version. But here ya go – the holy grail of Britpop. I also enjoyed this scathing and hilarious indictment of the entire Britpop movement that followed in the wake of this record.

Author: Eric Din

Eric makes songs, records, and little forts for cats to play in. Founder/lifer in The UPTONES, guitarist, songwriter, music teacher and music curator, Eric blogs at except when he doesn't.

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