More Links With Your Coffee. And Goats.

victrola200pxJust few links that I found share-worthy this week, for a variety of reasons.

I think he’s completely wrong in his assertion that “Downloading music will not exist in 10 years.” Of course it will, as will CD’s, memory sticks, vinyl etc. But the rest of his points, and some of the comment threads are very interesting if this subject interests you. Digital Music News is full of good reads for musicians and music publishers etc. Things keep changing rapidly in this sphere, and there’s some spirited yelping on that site.

  • RH Reality Check News, commentary and analysis for reproductive and sexual health and justice.

An excellent site with some great articles. I have it bookmarked. Remember bookmarks? I still use bookmarks.

This story puts the “W” in “Weird.” Complex, morally challenging, dark, twisted, and so very 21st century.

Maybe read this one after your coffee! Delightful scientific perspective asserting that we’re actually more doomed than we previously thought we were doomed. I have no idea if his suggested remedies are viable, or absolute quackery. There certainly is a lot of shrieking on both “sides” of the climate “debate” – which I put in quotes because human activity is changing the climate, period. We just don’t know how much, how fast, and what it all means short, medium and long term. One thing we all share in common is we inhabit this planet, which we are trashing like 7 billion Keith Moons unleashed in a nice hotel. Further studies.

Finally, here is a happy child playing with bouncing baby goats.

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