Too Many Links With Coffee Man

Actual photo of the author at work, snapped candidly by Shannon Wheeler.
Actual photo of the author at work,
snapped by Shannon Wheeler.

Not enough time this AM to write much about any of these, but here are a few items which I found interesting, worthy of attention, or appalling.

The Death Of Expertise, and its consequences

Yes, yes, yes! A great read about a point I’ve tried to get my head around. Tom Nichols articulates it well. I hope his article “goes viral.”

911 Museum GIFT SHOP ?!?!?

No, no, no! My god are they serious? This would be funny except that it’s not.

FCC moves toward obliteration of Net Neutrality

Disaster, disaster, disaster. I hope everyone keeps making noise about this. It’s not a done deal yet and it should never be.

Mission Road – © Michael Webster

Finally, in lieu of the usual bouncing baby goats I like to put at the end of these “coffee link” posts, here’s Michael Webster’s “opera home movie,” Mission Road. The composer sang and played all the parts, conducting himself via a video of himself. Did you follow that?  Words by Sam Beckett. This will get its own post later, but I had to share it meanwhile as I’m thinking it over. Magnificent work.

Bye now, off to gym and the greater reaches of Tuesday.
See you round the bend.

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