Jesse Michaels, Renaissance Punk

Here’s a new site about Jesse Michaels, featuring his music, art, and writing.

Michaels is most well known for his songs and life-altering lyrics, first introduced by Operation Ivy, and later by Common Rider and several other bands he has fronted. Op Ivy’s short but blazing run in the late 80’s was quite a thing to witness, and I am glad to have been at a few of their early shows. Heh.. People often talk about liking a band’s “early stuff” best, often for good reason. In the case of Op Ivy, ALL of their songs are their “early stuff!” If there was ever a band that finished their work and got the fk out, it was them. Jesse’s bandmates Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman later formed Rancid and became one of the top acts in punk, while Operation Ivy’s only records – the “Hectic” EP and “Energy” LP – spread by word of mouth, to eventually reach millions of fans all over the world. It’s an unusual story, driven by the power of the message in the music and the songs.

Whispering-Bodies-FrontWhat has been a bit more of a secret until recently, is that Jesse Michaels’ unique voice is as strong and clear in his fine art, and hilarious fiction, as it is in his songs. Check out the site, and put Whispering Bodies – A Roy Belkin Disaster (Michaels’ first published novel) on your reading list. You might die laughing, but it’ll be a happy death. The book is really damn funny, and as original as you would expect. Hopefully it’s the first of many Roy Belkin disasters.

As a final note, if you are among the many who have burning questions about the true essence of punk rock, the real meaning of life, and proper mosh pit etiquette, you will find answers to all of that and more in this short, informative video, by Mr. Michaels himself.

Author: Eric Din

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