I like mornings. Mornings are great. Every time I get one, I think, wow, another one! We get a certain number and then we don’t. Some folks find morning people annoying. I understand that. I’d find myself annoying in the morning too if I weren’t me. I mean I get so damn chipper with the brisk fresh air and birds chirping and coffee making noises. I’m going to update some web thingys, write a few posts, sip fine Peets’ Sumatra (they don’t pay me to say that but they should), babble at the cat, hum some happy little melodies, and by God, wear my bunny slippers, yo. I’m hard core like that.

Author: Eric Din

Eric makes songs, records, and little forts for cats to play in. Founder/lifer in The UPTONES, guitarist, songwriter, music teacher and music curator, Eric blogs at ericdin.com except when he doesn't.

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