‘Ello, Ello.

I joined Ello. Was invited by a friend. Have invited some friends. Like the interface very much. Enjoyed their manifesto. Enjoying the heated debate about their Ello’ing. Enjoy that one of the founders is an old buddy from Berkeley, who woulda thunk! Enjoying the fact that someone is trying something with a social network designed to benefit the users and not the advertisers. There are no advertisers. “But how will they monetize?” is shrieked across the valley. I dunno. But I hope they work it out so they can succeed within the noble parameters they set. It’s a really pleasant user experience so far; The polar opposite of FB, which has become a never-ending insult to the intelligence, and an invasive mining of the very soul. Unlike MySpace and Friendster, which mercifully died after becoming awful, FB hangs on with the persistence of an aggressive tumor. So ‘ello, Ello. Long may you bellow. Friends, ping me for an invite if interested.

Author: Eric Din

Eric makes songs, records, and little forts for cats to play in. Founder/lifer in The UPTONES, guitarist, songwriter, music teacher and music curator, Eric blogs at ericdin.com except when he doesn't.

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