Always For A Moment

Haven’t posted here in a while! Been busy. Here’s my latest song, hot off the presses. Hope you enjoy! It’s a free download or you can buy it if you like. Please feel free to share this any ol’ which-way ya care to. This is me on guitar and vocals and bass, Michael Urbano on drums. Michael Rosen recorded and mixed it at his studio. Myles Boisen mastered it up. Shannon Wheeler drew the cover. These gents all did such beautiful work, and I’m so very grateful to them. Happens to be ready on this holiday, so, I’m glad to share this today! <3

Matt Jaffe – “Blast Off” Full Album Is Out!

Well look who’s here! The full album version of Matt Jaffe’s debut, produced by Matthew King Kaufman with yours truly on guitar, has finally been released into the wild. This was a really fun record to make, and it’s a wonderful listen. I have bleated often about what a great songwriter this kid is. Here’s why! Also, Alex Coltharp and Sammie Fisher, what a scorching rhythm section. Yep, it was a slice! Listening now brings the moments back. Matt J and I both played guitar on everything here except the title track, which Matt produced solo at his home studio. Blast Off, babies! On iTunes and Spotify and probably other wabbit holes I am sure.

Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Happy New Year!

Making this song summed up the second half of 2017 for me somehow. It’s redundant to say I’ve had enough of last year, who hasn’t?! I’m looking forward to good doings in 2018! Let’s go.

I wrote and recorded that in October right after the North Bay fires. BandCamp didn’t make me shorten the title, bless their hearts. I had to shorten it to distribute to iTunes, Spotify, etc. Oh the humanity!

My fellow Uptone Mike Stevens played drums. I played acoustic guitars and sang. There’s just one electric guitar part on the song, the 8 bar solo in the middle. We turned Mikey’s old Champ amp up to eleven and I let ‘er rip on the same mutant “Tele” hybrid I’ve been playing since 1983. This thing:

The guitar, not the cat. The cat helped me do overdubs at home later.

In 1970 they said it’s gettin’ hot,
And we should ride our bikes and burning fossils we should stop,
Exxon Mobile said it’s a liberal hoax,
And global warming was the butt of all their jokes,
Now, all these improvements are making matters worse,
Upgraded my system, and now it doesn’t work,
If this is winning, then I’d prefer to lose,
If they say march and fight then I will eat my boots,

Cos baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby I love you

The sky is falling, alerts are comin’ fast,
There’s no water pressure and you cannot find some gas,
We must evacuate but there’s nowhere to go,
747 dumpin’ red upon the glow,
The roads are jammed but we gotta move,
Can’t stay here, well, we can’t go there,
Grab important papers, pictures of the fam,
Keys and wallets phone and we just gotta scram,

Cos baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby I love you

I know you’re busy ‘cos you got things to do,
But the gleaming of the moon in your eye,
Is the whole universe, shining through the multiverse,
Oh the things that come to mind,
I’d drop my job, leave my home and close the tab out at the bar where I spend way too much time,
I’d sell the car and buy a ticket to the middle of nowhere if that’s a place you’d like,

Cos baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby I love you

© 2017 Eric Roy Dinwiddie
King Roy Music, BMI

Released December 21, 2017
Eric Din: Guitars, Bass, Vocals (and Triangle!)
Mike Stevens: Drums (and Tambourine!)
Cover Artwork: Shannon Wheeler
Recorded at Lost Monkey Studio (and Din’s house!)

Happy New Year, Babies!

Last Dance With SoundCloud

I used to love SoundCloud. I thought they had a great interface for both music listeners and creators. I recently heard they were having trouble, but I uploaded my latest single there, hoping the experience wouldn’t be awful. I quickly found out that the worst stories I’d heard about SoundCloud’s demise are true. You can read more about the sordid mess here if this interests you. Long story short there’s fake “plays” being sold to artists and you get hassled by bots and SoundCloud is barely paying for real plays anyway and they’ve laid off half the company and closed offices and it’s going down like Titanic. Meanwhile the CEO says everything is great, because that’s what CEO’s do, I suppose, to extract the last bit of blood from a dying, once-beautiful beast.

I’m leaving my song there, although I have removed the embed from my own site. I’m leaving it because the lyrics just seem right for this.

They’re making music with artificial intelligence
to be enjoyed by artificial life,
I’ll take it all in, watch babylon fallin’
Eatin’ popcorn with my artificial wife

The song is “Everything Is Wrong” and you can hear it (for real!) and download it here. You wont be spammed or asked to log in or give me your email or your firstborn or anything. Just play it and feel free to share if you like it.

Farewell SoundCloud. I shall miss thee.

New Single Comin Out This Week!

I’m excited to announce that my next solo track is ready and I’m putting it out this week. The song is “The Laughing Man,” which I co-wrote with my Uptones band mate, brother Paul Jackson. My EP is slowly but surely growing into an album. Oh and I got some more CD’s finally! If you want one, please ping me or order from here. It’s also in Spotify and iTunes if you prefer those wabbit holes. The other song in this new pair is called “Everything Is Wrong,” and it will follow soon. Here’s the artwork by Shannon Wheeler. I look forward to sharing these tunes! That is all. Cheers and thanks <3 E

Peace and Love and Digital Distribution and Bears, Oh My

Well here is a first, in my foray into self-releasing self-made stuff — I’m putting my EP out in (gasp) the regular channels!

I decided to try Distrokid to distribute my EP to the streaming services – Pandora, Spotify, Apple and a few others.

I just uploaded Peace and Love and Rock and Roll part 1. So now it has a UPC code and ISRC codes and it’ll be in those entertainment gizmos shortly.

You can still get the EP directly from me of course, click the record cover, 4 clams for 4 songs –

Thanks! Hope you enjoy.

And in order to keep this post focused and concise, here are some bears, playing in a hammock.

Peace and Love and Rock and Roll in Open Source Music!

Delighted to see a nice write-up of my EP at Sez Matthew King Kaufman:

Right after I got used to fact that this sounds nothing like The Uptones, I loved this recording. It’s a solid rock record!! The songs are magnificent!

Here’s the whole post with audio of one song.

Thanks Matt! Cheers all, hope you enjoy.


“A Top-Notch Enjoyable Listen!”


Blogging About Blogging About My New Record, part 1

As the rain continues to pour on our thirsty California, I’m reflecting on the last year a bit, and considering what to do next. While the debacles of 2016 played out, I spent some time writing and recording new music. I released four new songs as “Peace and Love and Rock and Roll part 1” as the new year arrived. Nearly everything about it is a first for me. I’ve never done a solo record before, I’ve always worked with bands. Never self-released anything before, or self-produced.

I’m glad I did it, and I have decided to do more. I made a new website to host my records, and after thinking very hard about it for almost two seconds, decided to call it You can pick the EP up there instantly in download/digital form, or even order a physical CD if you like, from the very small batch I made.


Wishing you all a good start to this strange new year. I am going to go swim in the rain now.

Peace and Love and Rock and Roll to you and yours,


Holding On and Letting Go

New Matt Jaffe video is just up –

I played guitar on that recording, along with young Matt and his fabulous Distractions. He’s a helluva songwriter and musician, and it’s been a pleasure to work with him and watch him go from open-mic wiz-kid to budding rock star. I’ve been by turns, a session player, coach, and even tour manager for this band, when they supported Blues Traveler on their US tour last fall.

“Holding On” is one of my faves in their live set, and I dig the “rollercoaster” metaphor in the vid. Occurred to me also, that “holding on” is like attachment in the Buddhist sense, the cause of suffering, and that gives the chorus its power. But I think too much. “Holding on, cos I don’t know what’s true.” Amen, brother.

Recently I’ve been making some new recordings of my own, and young Matt actually co-wrote and played guitar on one of them. So the circle is complete! More on that later. Cheers all!

What Madness! A Mashup Of Guitar Solos, from Yours Truly

This is a reel of solos I plucked from various records I’ve played on over the years.

Here are the tracks and albums they are from:

1. “Radiation Boy” – The Uptones – Skankin’ Foolz Unite! – 2008
2. “Psychotic Reaction” (Count 5 cover) – The Fashion Slaves – Check Out The Fashion Slaves – 2011
3. “Write A Song About Me” – Matt Jaffe & The Distractions – Blast Off EP – 2015
4. “Sky High” – HOBO album – 1993
5. “Not From Here” – Stiff Richards – Email EP – 1998
6. “Fell In And Out Of Art” – Stiff Richards album – 1996