Bernie Sanders for President!

I decided to start fundraising for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, so I created a page at ActBlue.

It’s called, of course, “Eric’s Virtual Bernie Sanders Fundraising Bus!

You can donate directly to his campaign through my page, or make your own and spread the word even further.

Goal Thermometer

I set an initial goal of 100 people, and 8 of us came up with over $250 in 3 days! Thanks friends!!

I agree with Bernie Sanders’ policy positions. I also favor him because rather than change course with the political winds, Bernie has been singing the same tune for his entire career.

The number of contributors is important. A thousand $3.00 contributions means more, in some ways, than one $3,000 donation. The whole point is that the Bernie campaign runs on people, not corporations. That’s why Bernie is the ONLY presidential candidate in the 2016 race so far with significant and growing momentum.

I’m on the bus. Hope you’ll join me!

Update, Dec. 3 2016:
We tried, we did good. The campaign was stopped by the Dem Party who clearly thought they knew better than the VERY PROCESS AND IDEA OF DEMOCRACY ITSELF, YOU SELF-ABSORBED MYOPIC TWITS!! Ahem. My little ActBlue page there with the Bernie Bus raised over $3,300 for the Sanders campaign (THANKS, FRIENDS!!) and we would have almost certainly won the general election. Now we’re doomed. Thank you DNC, thank you 3rd party “protest” voters, thank you apathetic lazy stay-homers and, apologies to polar bears and all life on earth. Whoopsiedaisy

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