At Last A vs. Definitive Guide

I get these questions often: “Should I use Or download the software from and host it myself? Which approach is better?! Help me understand!!”

Thankfully just published a handy guide that answers this question in neat detail. It’s conveniently titled: vs A Definitive Guide For 2015

So read up and don’t fret. Go boldly forth into the wonderful WordPress world. Remember, you can always start a free account at to get your toes wet, and then export your juicy content (very easy to do with WordPress) and import it into your new fancy self-hosted install later, if you like. You have freedom. And options. Isn’t life grand? Gutenberg would freak out.

Author: Eric Din

Eric makes songs, records, and little forts for cats to play in. Founder/lifer in The UPTONES, guitarist, songwriter, music teacher and music curator, Eric blogs at except when he doesn't.

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