A Rant, A Rant By Any Other Name

I’m behind on my blogging. Can this happen? Yes. Why do I blog? I do it Because. Because, is the reason. It is the same reason I make songs, or records, or little forts for cats to play in. Because is the best reason to do anything. I don’t blog here for the money. There are no ads on this site even though I get notes from companies saying “Don’t waste your traffic! Monetize your site today!” They want to put click-bait ads in front of my “users” (IE, readers, friends, you) and I don’t wish to do this. It isn’t worth the pennies to have them muck up the experience here and make it annoying. You can donate if you want to encourage my blogging, how about that? I’ll put up a “you can donate” widget. Entirely optional. Unlike the New York Times and other storied publications, I don’t track you and make you pay a buck after you’ve read ten articles or whatever. Who reads ten of my posts anyway? Have I even made that many posts? Oh my, yes, I just counted. 112 posts! Since I started this blog. It’s a regular institution.

Sometimes I can’t keep to the “one idea per post” format, and I bleat instead like a column, in the old Herb Caen sense. Many little observations and thoughts. This reduces the possibility of being read even further, and amplifies my sense of a tree falling in the woods. At the point one feels one is talking to oneself, one can speak freely, and perhaps should not.

Circling back, you are not “users,” you are not “traffic,” you are people, and I like you. So I wont subject you to click-bait here. There’s a permanent tsunami of corporations and individuals desperately trying to get one second of our attention any way they can and make part of a penny for their efforts. It’s gotten so even respected publications like the BBC use click-bait headlines, because I guess they feel they have to, in order to stay competitive. It sucks and the world is bad. I’m not prone to overstatement. Stop reading, now. I warned you.

Click-bait. Here’s the thing. I wrote a detailed and exhaustive article about this, some time ago. It is the definitive text on the subject, and I am waiting for my Nobel Prize. Here it is, if you want to learn more: Top 5 Reasons Why Click-Bait Is Responsible For The Demise Of Everything

You’re welcome.

More Complaining

There are many ways to release music these days, and all of them are wrong. Some are less bad in some ways, others simply horrible. The on-demand service that is the best for end-user experience IMO, is still Spotify. But they are also among the most determined to make all the money they can, pay out as little to music rights-holders as possible, burn through as many rounds of investors as they can bilk, getting absurdly rich on other peoples’ intellectual property and money before finally sinking. The CEO is a billionaire, I think. His name is Ek. He has made a billion and a half or so, from a company that is not profitable, and likely will not ever be. Other start-up chiefs also sit on vast fortunes for creating companies which only ever lost money. It’s comical, really. The new economy. Fail big. The executives are part of the loss. Pay them lots of money to try and launch a thing that can never actually stand up on its own. Genius.

Apple Music is different. The interface is dreadful but it has a large and growing user-base, and they don’t need to make money on the streaming service itself. Apple Music can lose money forever and Apple will never hurt from it, because they sell iThingys, and besides they have more money than God. Will they pay artists and songwriters a fair share because they can? Or will they too be greedy because it’s so fashionable to be greedy? I can see the boardroom discussion, all three seconds of it: “Should we increase royalty payouts to music rights-holders?” Short pause before entire room erupts in laughter and “Oh that’s a good one! Haha you say funny thing!” No, they will likely pay more only when forced to by law. But at least they have the option to be fair, and not have it ruin their business model. Maybe they’d even do the right thing, because doing the right thing is, well, right? Maybe?

For Spotify, ethics and fairness simply don’t come into it. The corporate rule is: Make money for your shareholders. If that is impossible to begin with, then where do you cut as much as possible? Music creators, of course! Let them starve. Corporations must have their fancy employee lounges and bonuses and team-building sex-yoga retreats in Bali. Spotify will burn through another billion and then tank, you heard it here. They’ll get bought by a bigger leviathan, be it Google or Amazon or whomever, or they’ll simply croak in a few years. Someone with a business model that doesn’t depend on streaming music will probably tack Spotify onto their brand to add “value” for their users. Then they’ll work out clever ways to not pay the artists and songwriters anyway, but by then the oceans will be swamping us and catastrophic weather events will be daily occurrences so who cares about any of this? I told you to stop reading. Oh, about our democracy. It all depends on voting in 2018. If the “Blue Wave” is significant enough, we can save the country and slow the end of civilization a wee bit, which still seems like a worthy thing to do. Stop reading.

The best thing about running my own blog with no editor is I can say absolutely whatever I want. It’s also a problem. You don’t know how careful I’ve been. You see, I really do NOT subscribe to the “no filter” approach to life. Yes, filter. Everyone filter, please, and let’s be careful what we say. Then life will be better. The bro-nonsense “no filter” attitude gave us today’s reality-TV “government.” I put government in quotes because they aren’t governing. They are destroying government, in cynical and nihilistic spasms of acute and total stupidity. Everyone will look back and say, gee, maybe we should have the EPA and State Dept. staffed with motivated and well qualified people, for the well-being of our society and the future of the world and our children, but, NO! They have to find out the hard way that this is stupid, and Putin is laughing his rectangular head off. Americans wrapped in the flag and waving crosses support a president who publicly licks the boots of foreign dictators. The opposite of patriotism, posing as patriotism. Hell, at least people who supported Reagan actually DID love the USA, in their way. They may have been nuts with their “trickle down” economics bile, but they weren’t traitors. No filter, indeed. I hope we get to the other side of this in decent enough shape that matters such as royalty rates and fairness in the music business don’t seem like trivial deck chairs on a Titanic of State plunging burning and broken into the freezing pitch-dark depths of oblivion.


Here is a rabbit.

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