Not merely broken, the system is evil. We’re witnessing lawlessness from law enforcement in the form of repeated cases of homicide, which then are handled by baking the offending officers a cake and sending them home to make book deals. Meanwhile everyone else is expected to be “peaceful” and law abiding. Sure, OK! Right, I wrote that down so I’ll remember.

Reminds me of how Wall Street criminals were given huge bonuses from public funds as a reward for destroying the middle class in the “bad mortgage” fiasco. Book deals there too. Meanwhile the rest of us have to pay up or, you know, not have homes. It’s clear what the “system” in the USA thinks of law and fairness.

How are the above items related? Simple: Eric Garner sold single cigarets and didn’t pay tax on them – an infraction? A misdemeanor at worst. To make what, a few bucks, to merely survive in a system which makes poverty unaffordable, in a country of immense wealth and inequality. This while white collar criminals took home massive bonuses from tax money, and faced no arrest or jail time, much less public execution, for their felonies. A human life. For selling cigarets.

What to do? I want to do an honest day’s work, treat people fairly, contribute humbly and generously, and not hurt anyone today. And that’s what I intend to do, as my quiet form of protest, to all this hideousness. I will fail at some point, in the day, to be 100% right, and if I happen to blow it somewhere, I’ll apologize and try to make amends. But I won’t kill anyone. This much I know. And if I did, by some terrible accident, I would be readily accountable for any responsibility I may have in the tragedy, like any reasonable human being would be! What kind of person wants to get away with homicide? Answer: the worst kind of criminal.

Is it no longer a virtue to have a conscience, compassion, empathy, honor and respect? That’s a rhetorical question. We have a systemic problem. Cops are civilians, paid to “serve and protect” their fellow citizens. Not to arbitrarily judge and execute people with impunity. If that isn’t “evil” then we can just retire the word “evil.” If that isn’t injustice, then we can retire the word “justice.” I’m appalled, ashamed, disgusted, and really angry. I know that my comments may be redundant, to much that has already been said about this, but I feel silence would be worse, so there’s my humble thoughts on the matter. I hope the wheels of justice start turning the right way soon, because this is unacceptable.

Love to all. Here’s a song.


Was Ist Los Mit Der Uber Goober?

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Maybe it’s because I am half German that I am wary of things called “Uber.” It’s a knee jerk reaction, I admit, to a common prefix that simply means “Over” or “Above.” Suddenly Über-the radar, is this heinous behavior from an Uber exec, which seems to suggest that that company feels it is Über-the law, or […]

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Oh we are having ALL the fun Now!

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Saw this while driving by Mosswood Park in Oakland yesterday, had to stop and take a few pics. These dapper doggie heads used to dot the landscape in these parts atop signposts in front of Doggie Diner restaurants. The best part is they’d rotate so you could get a full view. I don’t think I ever […]

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It’s Not A “Card,” It’s Racism, Plain And Simple

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Something I have been trying to articulate, but haven’t quite managed because my brain explodes when I try to, is perfectly stated in this New York Times Op-Ed by Charles M. Blow called The Obama Opposition. The GOP’s opposition to the Obama administration is to Barack Obama the person. It is for the most pathetic […]

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One True Confession Deserves Another! Here’s Mine. What’s yours?

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The problem with the Navy SEAL dude claiming to have killed Bin Laden is that his name isn’t Brock. He looks like a Brock. I’m just not buying him as a Robert. If he expects anyone to take his boasts seriously, he has to be a Brock Johnson, or Max Hudson, you know, something manly, […]

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From Russia With Love: English Translations of Soviet Era Songs, by Andrei Marcon

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Before Moscow native Andrei Marcon emigrated to California as a young man in the 80’s, he acquired some cassette tapes of Russian underground music, which were passed around person to person against the wishes of the Soviet authorities. He has since taken it upon himself to translate into English some of these songs which he […]

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Wrestling “Wrestling Jerusalem”

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Saw this last night. Absolutely brilliant. It runs 2 more days I think, so if you happen to find yourself in SF looking for a good event this weekend, I can’t recommend it highly enough. There’s also a movie of it in the works, so you’ll get a chance later. He’s taking it on tour […]

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So many web thingys, So many publishing options

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Gutenberg would be posting kittehs, you know he would. Einstein would be liking Oppenheimer’s existential freakouts and Lewis Carroll would wonder why Freud never friended him. James Brown would tweet “I feel good!” and Ian Curtis would ask “why?” John Cage would post three minutes of silence and Miles Davis would play some stuff with […]

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Ebola Isn’t Scary, 2 Republican Houses Of Congress Would Be Scary

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We have an Ebola Czar now? Do we have to have a Czar for everything? Drug Czar, Energy Czar, lot of good they did us. “Czar” is an old Balkan word for Caesar. Balkan Caesars are bad. We shouldn’t want any sort of Caesars. It’s un-American. Now an Ebola Caesar. Why? Ah, I see, Dr. Vivek Murthy, […]

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