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I just listened to a great album that was released in 1984, by a band from Sacramento called Tales Of Terror. I learned about them from this article, ..the story of one of Sacramento’s best, almost forgotten bands by Aaron Carnes. It’s a great read yet a tragic story. The magic of recorded music is that work like this can be rediscovered long after its creation, and I’m just rocking the hell out to this album here in August of 2014. It’s fun, irreverent, original, tight, adventurous and did I mention, just incredibly fun. Wish I woulda seen these guys live, but I was woefully unaware of them. I do recognize some of the songs, probably from KALX, I’m guessing they would have been all over this. Love the lyrics and vocals, great guitar and bass work throughout, and monster drumming. OK, that cues up┬áthe “small world” part: I knew the drummer! This guy Mike Hunter, an amazing player with a heavy foot and brilliant rock and punk sensibilities – he played a few gigs with Stiff Richards in the mid 90′s! I had no idea about his history with Tales Of Terror until this morning. And listening to the record, I recognize his playing immediately. I hope their friends’ goals of making a documentary and licensing the album are realized. I’m listening through a 2nd time now (youtube listen #2,146!) and just loving it. It’s downright sexy, and that’s not the 1st word we use to describe most punky records, izzit? Cramps meet Buzzcocks meet Elvis doing 80′s hardcore in a roadhouse with skateboards. What’s not to love?


Why I Will NOT See The New Jimi Hendrix Biopic, and I Think We Should All Boycott It

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I was skeptical but curious when I learned there’s a biopic about Jimi Hendrix coming out. The fact that there’s no actual Hendrix music in it made me wonder: why bother? After researching it further, I’m appalled and disgusted, and I’m sure I never want to see it. I don’t care whatever they may have […]

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I like mornings. Mornings are great. Every time I get one, I think, wow, another one! We get a certain number and then we don’t. Some folks find morning people annoying. I understand that. I’d find myself annoying in the morning too if I weren’t me. I mean I get so damn chipper with the […]

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T.V. Guns, Block Off The Streets To Shoot..

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This song is about guns, media, and the Great Suckery. It’s from the Uptones’ “East Bay Orbits” CD, you can get it at iTunes or Amazon, or download it from the link below if you like. Here are the lyrics. Not sure these topical songs make any difference really, but what can we do other […]

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Trench Warfare’s Punk Rock Heart Of Gold

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I met the kids in Trench Warfare when I was coaching at the Music Camp Rocks program out in Pleasanton last summer. They weren’t all in the same group then, the combos were assembled based on age, skill level, musical interests, you know, band camp. After that, of course I wondered whom of them I’d […]

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Saturday Links With Coffee Fest

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Nothing as uniquely satisfying as a lazy weekend morning with coffee, cats and some tasty links. Today saw some good ones, so here they are for your amusement, edification and lollygagging. Firstly, I just discovered Ash Beckham, oh, my, gawd. What a brilliant thoughtful genius original clever profound funnyperson. I’m an instant fan after watching […]

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From Another Generation To Another Generation

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The youtube below contains one of my favorite songs from the debut record from one of my favorite bands. The Uptones have played a lot of fun shows with Fishbone over the decades, starting when we were all fresh out of high school. We’ve seen them go through many trials, tribulations and triumphs in their […]

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100 Greatest Guitarists Ever Voted On By Other Famous Guitarists

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While on hold listening to endless hold music this morning, I stumbled upon Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time” list from a few years back. To see if it has any relevance, I checked, and Roy Buchanan isn’t even on it, so it’s puffery. Also they should specify “Rock Guitarists Of The Type […]

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June 1, 2014. A good time for new beginnings.

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Dear Blog, How’ve you been? It’s fun to read you occasionally, as the guy who writes you, to sort of see where I’ve been recently, and in the days since I started writing here. I always thought that “Dear Diary” is a fine way to start a correspondence with oneself. “Dear Journal” will do too, […]

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