Saw this last night.


Absolutely brilliant. It runs 2 more days I think, so if you happen to find yourself in SF looking for a good event this weekend, I can’t recommend it highly enough. There’s also a movie of it in the works, so you’ll get a chance later. He’s taking it on tour too. Very proud of my fellow Berkeley nutter, Aaron Davidman. Disclosure: he’s my friend and I love him.

Aaron does all these characters, channeling people he met in the middle east and on both coasts of the US and elsewhere in his travels. They argue with each other, in between powerful monologues, wrestling strongly held ideas. But it’s all performed by one actor, who is on stage for ninety minutes, changing roles seamlessly, and sometimes very quickly. He even cops their accents, he assumes their impassioned voices. And the way it’s written, they are talking to him. He performs them, saying, “Aaron, you must understand that.. etc.. “ They tell him their arguments, share their stories with him. Only, it’s him acting, and then giving his own reactions, as himself.

He must have put in so many hours to rehearse that! It’s musical. He sings and dances in character too, as these folks he met in Hebron and Jerusalem and elsewhere did. A tour de force. And it carries a profound message of peace, love and compassion.

Will be interesting (or horrible) to see what zealots on any “side” of these issues might complain about, once they get word of it. But a person would have to be pretty thick not to be moved by this. I hope it’s seen far and wide. I think it will do some good. Actually, it already has.

I spent much of the performance in tears. Good tears. I am left with more to think over than I can readily articulate. So I decided to post this even as I continue to wrestle with the content of this play, with the hope that maybe my recommendation might motivate some folks who have not seen it to jump in at the end of this run, or note it for later.

Here’s a preview:

WRESTLING JERUSALEM – Stage Trailer from Aaron Davidman on Vimeo.


So many web thingys, So many publishing options

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Gutenberg would be posting kittehs, you know he would. Einstein would be liking Oppenheimer’s existential freakouts and Lewis Carroll would wonder why Freud never friended him. James Brown would tweet “I feel good!” and Ian Curtis would ask “why?” John Cage would post three minutes of silence and Miles Davis would play some stuff with […]

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Ebola Isn’t Scary, 2 Republican Houses Of Congress Would Be Scary

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We have an Ebola Czar now? Do we have to have a Czar for everything? Drug Czar, Energy Czar, lot of good they did us. “Czar” is an old Balkan word for Caesar. Balkan Caesars are bad. We shouldn’t want any sort of Caesars. It’s un-American. Now an Ebola Caesar. Why? Ah, I see, Dr. Vivek Murthy, […]

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U2 Hijacked My iTunes Playlist

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And It Pissed Me Off MUCH More Than I Expected Right, I had heard the kerfuffle, people were annoyed that U2’s new album came free with new iPhones. Some of the reactions seemed a little extreme to me, I mean, OK someone gave you an album, you can delete it, big deal. Maybe it’s even good. […]

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Things I Love About Ello

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I’ve been on Ello for a couple of weeks and I make a point of popping in there every day to see what’s up. There’s so many things right about it. I hope that Ello gains traction and users, and also that they can maintain the purity of their vision as the site evolves and […]

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2 of my favorite people: Charlie Hunter interviews Joe Satriani!

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I finally had a chance to listen to this great discussion between Joe Satriani and Charlie Hunter. I took lessons from Joe at the same time in the very early 80’s when Charlie did, and these anecdotes take me right back. Charlie and I hung out in our teens teaching each other riffs and playing […]

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On Leaving FB For The (Approximately) 11th Time

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I have heard the definition of “insanity” is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Having quit and returned to Facebook often, I now take stock. Without FB, I am: Happier. When I rejoin FB, I feel happy for a time to reconnect again with good people near and far, […]

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‘Ello, Ello.

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I joined Ello. Was invited by a friend. Have invited some friends. Like the interface very much. Enjoyed their manifesto. Enjoying the heated debate about their Ello’ing. Enjoy that one of the founders is an old buddy from Berkeley, who woulda thunk! Enjoying the fact that someone is trying something with a social network designed […]

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Great New HTML5 Player is Not From Here

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HTML5 jQuery Audio Player, where have you been my whole music blogging life? Maeve Lander at Enigmaweb in Perth, Australia has created a plugin by which audio playlists can be easily created and managed in WordPress. It apparently works in all browsers including mobile devices, which is like, the Holy Grail. Anyone who has messed […]

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